Joondalup Massage

Servicing the community for over 30 years with massage, naturopath, and chiropractic Services.

Joondalup Massage

In affiliation with Belridge Chiropractic

For over 30 years, Belridge Chiropractic has been passionate about helping community members live a better life through customised chiropractic care for pain relief and improved function. They look forward to being of service to you with advice about treatment options available to you

Servicing the community for over 30 years. Local massage, Naturopath, and Chiropractic Services. Your natural healthcare professionals!

When recovering from injury or chronic conditions adjunct therapies such as massage / myofascial therapy, cupping and needling can assist in reducing your recovery time.

Remedial massage and Myofascial therapies assist with sports rehab/ injury recovery and injury rehabilitation.

Injury prevention and management using myotherapy techniques

Remedial Massage is primarily used for the prevention and management of injuries, release of sore muscles and muscle tension. Helping improve flexibility and range of motion. A deep tissue massage helps to locate damaged tissues and to support the body’s natural healing process.

Sporting injury rehabilitation and recovery treatment

Sports massage is the manipulation of soft tissue in the body to achieve pain relief, restoration of normal function, health and wellbeing of the athlete, and to enhance sporting performance. We use myotherapy techniques like cupping, trigger point therapy, needling, and MET, to work in conjunction with each other to get the best results.

Swedish massage techniques for relaxation

Massaging for relaxation helps to improve circulation and reduces overall stress in the mind and body, relieving muscular tension through myofascial release. This is accomplished by slow, gentle and sustained pressure that promotes relaxation.

Some services are covered by private health insurance with HICAPS online claiming available in the clinic.

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