Sports Rehabilitation Joondalup

Sports Rehab

and Injury Prevention

sports rehabilitation joondalup

Hands-on care to get you back to where you want to be. Sports rehab, injury prevention, and treatment to enhance performance.

During a sports massage, therapeutic techniques such as effleurage, petrissage, compressions, tapotement, frictions and vibrations are used. Unlike therapeutic massage, sport massage has a purpose orientated towards an athlete’s individual goal.

Athletes require precise use of their body and sports massage helps with performance, recovery and sense of well-being so an athlete, who has trained their muscles and nervous system to work in particular way, can perform at an optimum level. Major injuries to the muscles, joints and other connective tissue can be hugely restrictive when orientating towards peak performance. Most common injuries include strains – caused by pulling or twisting of the muscle or tendon; and sprains – overstretching or tearing of a ligament.


Sport rehab massage and injury prevention may be beneficial if you are;

  • Injured
  • Returning to sport from injury
  • Improving your strength training
  • Increasing ROM
  • Taping

Various other techniques may be employed (cupping, trigger point, MET), if necessary, to ensure best results for your goals. Chiropractic is also recommended by our team for injured athletes.

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Sports rehabilitation Joondalup massage services are covered by private health insurance with HICAPS online claiming available in the clinic.

60 Minute Treatment

$ 90 Per Session
  • Consultation
  • Treatment
  • Analysis and Recommendations

90 Minute Treatment

$ 125 Per Session
  • Consultation
  • Treatment
  • Analysis and Recommendations

What to know before and after your massage

  • Eat lightly before your appointment time
  • Wear something loose and comfortable and easy to remove if needed
  • Hydration is important before and after your massage
  • Be relaxed and enjoy!

If it is your first time coming, please arrive 10 minutes earlier than your appointment to fill in the new client form